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Title: Cultural intelligence, perceived inclusion, and cultural diversity in workgroups
Authors: Alexandra, Valerie
Holcombe Ehrhart, Karen
Randel, Amy E
Keywords: Diversity
Cultural Intelligence
Inteligencia Cultural
MBA 600
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: San Diego State University and University of Central Florida
Abstract: The positive effects of cultural intelligence (CQ) and perceived inclusion in culturally diverse contexts are welldocumented, but the relationship between these constructs has not been explored despite them sharing common themes. We examine the relationships between individual-level CQ, perceived inclusion, and perceived cultural diversity in a sample of 925 individuals working in culturally diverse groups. Our results showed that individuals' CQ predicts their perceived inclusion in workgroups. Moreover, individuals' perceived inclusion in workgroups is related to further CQ development in these individuals, and this relationship is stronger when individuals perceive greater cultural diversity in their workgroups. These findings extend research on factors contributing to individual differences in CQ and perceived inclusion in workgroups. We discuss implications for enhancing perceived inclusion and CQ in culturally diverse workgroups.
ISSN: 0191-8869
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